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Weight loss help via injection, also known as the Skinny Jab

Introduction on how we provide weight loss help 

Weight loss injection guide

Weight loss

What is the weight loss injection?

The weight loss injection is a drug called Saxenda

Saxenda is a drug that imitates the hormone that your body releases to tell you that you are full and satisfied, it is 97% identical to the hormone.

Saxenda is also know as the ‘Skinny Jab’ 

Saxenda works in two stages:


  • Stage 1 is to focus on weight loss


  • Stage 2 is to focus on maintaining your weight.

Step 1: Book a consultation

The Skinny Jab is a drug that is prescribed by a clinician and each patient will have a tailored weight loss plan to get them to their ideal weight. 

Booking your face to face consultation is designed to discuss your needs and provide you with the information and answers you will have during the course of the treatment.

This cost of the consultation is £50.


Step 2: Face to face consultation

You will be invited to a Face to Face Consultation with one of our qualified clinicians, where they will discuss the plan and its benefits along with any relevant information.

They will assess your needs and agree a weight loss plan for you to follow. 

They will then set up your monthly injection deliveries. 

Step 3: Injections delivered to you

After your consultation and you have agreed a plan with your clinician. The prefilled injection pens will be sent direct to your home address. 

No need to go to any pharmacies!

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