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We at GPHA Clinic provide a Ring Pessary Clinic for the residents most notably in Hadleigh, Castle Point, Benfleet, Southend-on-Sea and surrounding areas. Currently this consists of:

Ring Pessary Replacements

Ring Pessary

Ring Pessary

Ring Pessarys

What is a Pessary?

A pessary is a crafted medical-grade silicone, it is designed to be a gentle support device to alleviate the symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (vaginal prolapse). Pessaries come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the nuances of your pelvic organ position and activity levels, pessaries can be daily or long-term solutions for everyday continence comfort. 

What are pessary rings used for 

Pessaries that are long term or removable, contribute to managing urinary incontinence, relieving discomfort, and offering support during physical activities. Additionally, they assist in enhancing pelvic floor function and act as a supportive ally while awaiting surgery for other conditions. 

How much is a Ring Pessary replacement?

It is £35 for any patient that have a regular PVC Ring Pessary fitting. 

Where do I get a Pessary from?

We store a variety of PVC vaginal Ring Pessary sizes, you will not need any prescriptions. The Pessary is included in your appointment, we only need to know your ring size.  

How long is the Pessary Fitting Appointment?

Appointments are 20 minutes, the service is a replacement service only. 

What Happens at a Pessary Fitting Appointment?

Prior to your appointment you will have been asked a few questions necessary to ensure the service is right for you and find out your ring size. You will need to have been assessed by your GP and have had a ring pessary already as this is currently a replacement service only.

When you have arrive at your appointment, we will go through your medical history and talk about what happens next.  

You will have an examination to ensure there are no problems with your current ring size. It is then removed, and the new vaginal Pessary is inserted. We will then provide you with post insertion advice. 

How to insert a ring pessary

Ensure your hands and the Pessary are thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. Once dry, fold the pessary at the indentation point. If you prefer to stand, rest one foot on a stable surface. Place the folded pessary in place length ways. Once you let go the Ring Pessary will return to its designed shape. Using your index finger, ensure the rim of the Pessary is behind the pubic bone. This method is designed for Pessaries designed for regular removal and are comfortable doing so. 

How to remove a Ring Pessary

Use the same position you would when inserting (see above).  

Place your index finger inside the vagina and locate the rim of the Pessary. 

Hook your finger under the rim of the pessary and pull down and then out.  

Do not be concerned if the Pessary does not fold like it did when inserting, the vaginal walls will stretch to accommodate this. 

How to measure ring pessary size

Insert your middle finger in behind your cervix, in the posterior fornix along with your index finger placed against your pubic notch. Remove your fingers in the same position and measure the distance between. Use this to start choosing a ring pessary size. You may need to try a few different sizes around this range to see what works and is comfortable. 

Can you have intercourse with a ring pessary?

It is possible to have sex with a Ring Pessary, although, this depends on the type of pessaries used since some do not allow it. When having sex with a Pessary, it may or may not be comfortable for you and your partner. Please ask your specialist clinician for further information to decide what is right for you.  

Where can you buy a Ring Pessary?

We provide a Ring Pessary as part of your appointment fee. 

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