Home Visiting Services

We at GPHA Clinic home visiting services for the residents most notably in Hadleigh, Castle Point, Benfleet, Southend-on-Sea and surrounding areas. These consist of :

Ear Syringing Home Visit

Toenail Clipping Home Visit

About Home Visiting Services

Our home visiting service is designed to provide much needed access to services to those who struggle to travel. 

Our Home Visiting Services include:

Ear Syringing 

We use water to flush the ear, forcing the excess of ear wax out into a drainage cup.

Toenail Clipping

Our trained medical professionals use medical grade nail cutters to trim your toenails.


Booking home visits requires a more organisation. Please call 01268 206408 to book you Home Visiting appointment.

Our Home Visiting Service is aimed at people who are unable to make it to our clinic.

Our Toenail Clipping Service is aimed at people who have difficulties cutting their toenails.

As with any travel, on occasion traffic can cause appointments to be delayed. Please bare with us or call 01268 206408 to get an update.